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What do you really know about your offsets?

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Buying offsets can be a difficult process. 

  • How do you know that carbon dioxide has actually been removed from the atmosphere by the project? 
  • How do you minimise your reputational risk? 
  • How do you get value for money? 
  • How do you create accurate sustainability reports? 
  • How do you make sure you are doing the right thing?

Our tools accurately measure the performance of carbon offset projects on a regular basis. By combining start-of the-art machine learning with satellite data, we can remotely monitor the performance of offset projects at up-to weekly intervals, whilst transforming both the accuracy and cost of monitoring. 

This means you can easily verify whether past offset purchases have lived up to their claims, and screen future purchases by quality and potential risk.

We provide this data in a format that can be simply reviewed and easily integrated into reporting.

Benefits of Sylvera



Our data means you can publish your investment in the planet’s future with confidence. We monitor your offsets regularly, so you don’t have to. We will notify you promptly of any adverse events occuring in the offset project.



Ensure value for money. We show you just how much carbon has been removed by a project, so you can decide the fair price to pay for the offset.


Audit Chain

We provide an audit chain, facilitating bottom-up accounting and audit so that your offsets reconcile carbon accounting your emissions if you have a net zero strategy.


Stay Ahead

By utilising a best-in-class product you can ensure you stay ahead of the regulatory curve.


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